Police Warn Orland Park Residents About Chicago Home Burglaries

Police have cautioned residents of Orland Park after a string of unusual robberies. The Chicago home burglaries involve men dressing up and pretending to be county workers in order to gain access to homes. This type of burglary is known as a “ruse burglary”.

In one case, a man told a resident that they were from the county and needed to examine the property line in her backyard. The resident accompanied the man to her backyard and stayed there while he went to retrieve some line markers. When he did not return, she walked back towards her house to find her front door open and the man gone. Jewelry and other valuables had been removed from the home.

Other incidents have seen men working in pairs, making similar claims about needed to perform work on the property. After the men gain access to the home, they steal valuables while the home owner is distracted. These Chicago home burglaries have been reported at an alarming rate, and all residents should be cautious.

Police recommend using extreme caution if anyone approaches your home claiming to be a county worker or something similar. You should ask to see their ID and may even want to request confirmation from the county. Unless you’ve been notified of a visit in advance, you may want to avoid allowing anyone access to your home.

The police hope that by warning citizens they will be able to put a stop to the burglaries as they search for the culprits. While this case has affected Orland Park specifically, residents all across the Chicago area should employ caution. Now that the Orland Park Police Department is on their trail, the thieves may begin to target other areas. Everyone should do their best to remain safe.

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